Quick Detail Spray Silica Waterless Wash

Quick Detail Spray Silica Waterless Wash

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Clean your vehicle’s exterior surfaces from contamination while leaving behind a barrier of protection and shine.


  • A combination of traditional waterless wash with a silica-infused paint sealant
  • Quickly and easily clean vehicle exterior without using rinse water
  • Great for spot cleaning contamination such as bird droppings 
  • Leaves a thin hydrophobic barrier of protection behind.


Application Directions:

Spray product on to a light- to mildly-contaminated exterior surface. Using a plush microfiber towel folded into eights, and wipe across panel in a singular direction. As you continue cleaning vehicle be sure to fold towel to an unused section with each pass. Once the vehicle or panel has been wiped down, use a new clean microfiber to gently buff the surface to a streak-free finish. Best when used in a shaded area out of direct sunlight.